The Cuisine

The Cuisine

The cuisine of the Il Confine Pizza Restaurant is traditional, genuine, and strongly linked to the typical flavours of Puglia. We offer truly exquisite dishes, made with mostly zero km ingredients, with a nod to the classic “grandmother's” cuisine.


For example, you can taste the typical friselle with stracciatella, turnips with anchovies, a nice plate of buffalo mozzarella with salted anchovies, the classic fried lampascioni with fig vincotto, ravioli with courgette flowers and primo sale with fresh tomato, battered fried artichokes, meat chops with meat sauce and much more.


Ours is a cuisine specialising in meat, such as meat chops with meat sauce and - obviously - zero km side dishes such as peppers, onions, wild chicory, white broad beans, cardoncelli mushrooms and more.

Find out more by browsing the following section: Il Confine Pizza Restaurant has participated in various gastronomic competitions in the past, precisely because of its passion for cooking.

One cannot think well,

love well, sleep well,

if one has not eaten well.

Some of our typical dishes

Dishes prepared with genuine products from our region

Why is zero km important?

For us, offering you zero km ingredients means honoring and respecting the beauty of our region. It means bringing to your table only the best of the traditional taste of our region, also respecting the seasonality of the products in the offers of vegetables and side dishes.

Preparation of the panzerotti

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